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This clever AI solution smoothly integrates a mobile app with a web cloud application, simplifying your patient letter workflow. Facilitating faster communication between healthcare professionals, leading to enhanced patient health outcomes.

Dict8ion is meticulously crafted for the needs of doctors, clinicians and specialist practices. Streamlining the process of dictating and transcribing patient letters and enhancing overall workflow efficiency in medical practices.

Harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, this innovative dictation and transcription software significantly cuts down the time required for clinical letters and alleviates the workload on your staff.

Our software solution prioritises security, providing a seamless and hassle-free integration into your practice’s existing workflow. This ensures that clinicians and their teams can work together with greater ease and efficiency.

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Transcribed and formatted letter ready to proof and add into your current workflow

The secure software solution for the dictation and transcriptions of

medical correspondence, clinical and patient letters.