FAQ’s for Dict8ion

Dict8ion is the ultimate dictation and transcription solution for patient letters. With Dict8ion, your dictations are effortlessly captured within the Dict8ion App (available on the App Store). Our cutting-edge technology rapidly transcribes your recordings in minutes, making them almost instantly accessible for editing through our seamless Dict8ion cloud App.

We take data security seriously

Where is the data stored?
Sydney, Australia on servers with ISO certified AWS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

How is this data protected in transit?
Data is transmitted over a secure socket layer (SSL) utilising TLS 1.2, with an AES 256-bit cipher algorithm.

How is this data protected at rest?
Dict8ion uses AWS Cloud Services including Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) with EBS encryption and Amazon RDS with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to store all customer text and audio.

Customer metadata, such as licensing information, user accounts, etc., are stored in Amazon RDS databases utilizing AWS’s Transparent Data Encryption. Both of these AWS services implement AES 256-bit encryption to ensure the highest level of protection for data at rest.

What about training the AI?
Ensuring the utmost importance of safeguarding the privacy of individuals and sensitive data when transcribing medical information is our top priority. Our Language Model (LLM) operates within a secure, private environment, and all data undergoes de-identification before any processing takes place. We employ our unique, proprietary training technique for our LLM, which guarantees that patient data remains confidential and is not accessible to the model. As part of this methodology, de-identified patient data is securely stored and encrypted to enhance Natural Language Processing (NLP) performance.

General Questions

How many users can access the cloud App to edit the letters?
Up to 50 users with different emails. 2 users are included in your subscription all additional users are additional.

Does each Clinician need to be a registered user?
If the Clinician uses the Dict8ion App to record straight into the Cloud App yes they will need to be a registered user.

Benefits of recording with the App;

  • Record in the Dict8ion App on an iPhone directly into the desktop cloud app
  • Fast transcriptions available in minutes in Dict8ion desktop cloud app
  • One solution for recording and transcribing clinical letters
  • Access to Dict8ion Cloud App to edit letters – without colleagues letters

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